Wednesday, May 20, 2020

May 2020

In this pandemic
suffering abounds
We hear your voice
calling us to be gentle

 At home: We hope that you are enjoying our new website. Since our guest houses remain closed, as well as the Gallery Shop, and there is no public prayer we thought that a way to reach out to our world would be to renew our site.
    We are all well, and are very happy that our brother Peter is healing and getting much stronger after his double by-pass heart surgery. The pigs and new chicks for laying eggs have arrived. We will not be having rabbits this year, but brothers are busy converting the "Rabbit Barn" into a barn for meat chickens, and they should be here soon also.
    Brother John has been cutting our grass with a battery-powered mower which is very quiet, and the silence of this time is calling all of us to greater creativity and peacefulness. We are blessed with the presence of each other. We do miss our gathering at our public prayer, but we remember, "Our absent brothers and sisters," with a fullness of heart, and a deep hope that in the Spirit we find our common heart.

It is Spring
we look forward to planting
The red tulips
by the pond
are magnificent

The Mexican Sisters: All of the sisters are safe and well in Mexico, although the country is really suffering and the hospitals are overwhelmed. They stay at home, two sisters go out to buy the food, and like all the peoples of the world, wait for a new time with hope.

The Suesa Sisters: As Spain slowly moves out from a very strict lockdown they are still afraid that many of the openings are being dictated by economics, rather than care for people.