Monday, August 31, 2020

Thank you for your birthday greetings!

Wow!!! What a treasure of lovely birthday cards, photos, gifts, and loving messages for my 96th birthday!

    And how to express gratitude to so many friends and relatives for that thoughtful gift?
    I would really like to write to each one personally but that is far beyond possibilities for this aging monk.
    So, with the help of brothers here at the Priory, all the greetings have been stored in a neat and accessible container.
    On retreat days, I plan to review these precious messages and will offer a prayer of thanksgiving for so many of you who have graciously remembered me after all these years.
    As well as giving thanks, this should also be a way of keeping me out of mischief in my spare time!

Thank you, one and all, for your remembrance and loving-kindness.

With love,

brother John

Friday, August 21, 2020

Prayer connects us

Prayer connects us...heart to heart.

Physical distancing (social distancing) in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic creates the illusion that we are not dynamically connected to one another.

Yet, through prayer, we are actually and wonderfully closer to one another than is physically possible.

Prayer brings us below the surface of our day-to-day interactions and ordinary awareness into contact with the life-force of each person we call to presence in God's loving Spirit.

Calling upon God in prayer for one another opens pathways of connection that are healing and transforming.

In prayer, we enter into the mystery of grace and blessing where love enables us to encounter and cherish one another on a deeper level of being...                          


Friday, August 7, 2020

Remembering our brothers

During August mid-month we celebrate the Dormition (the Falling Asleep) of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Our brother Leo was the Abbot of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem when he founded Weston Priory. The anniversary of this "falling asleep in God" occurs just a few days later. On this occasion, we remember as well our brothers Philip, Columba, and Robert who have gone before us.

May our hearts awaken to God's vision inviting us to new life now and in the coming time.