Monday, November 28, 2022

Christmas Schedule

     On Christmas Day we will have a 6:00 am Vigil Eucharist, 5:30 pm Vespers, and 8:00 pm Compline.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Sunday Eucharist in Winter

     Starting on November 20th, we will be in the Stone Chapel for the Sunday Eucharist. We are still requiring COVID protocols - full immunization, properly wearing a mask over the mouth and nose, and practicing social distancing. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Guadalupe Center

  In the year 1976, that is 46 years ago, the brothers of Weston were in Cuernavaca, when they went to a gathering of all the Benedictine communities of Mexico. The sisters invited the brothers over to lunch the next day at their Motherhouse in Mexico City. The world at that time had no personal computers, no walls built between the two countries, and in some ways it seems like the world in general was a much gentler place. That first encounter was the beginning of a mutual communal friendship that continues today.
    In the first years, small groups of brothers would visit the mission-houses of the sisters located in the rural areas of Mexico, and small groups of sisters would visit Weston. It was probably the desire to be hospitable and kind to each other, and the ability to listen to each other that drew the communities onto a path of deeper trust and appreciation for each other’s charisms.
Such a gift needed to be shared. In 1984 the Guadalupe Center in Cuernavaca received its first group of North Americans for a 10-day retreat experience, which was an immersion into the reality of Mexico and Central America. The Center also gave the brothers a second home from where they could encounter all the places where the sisters offered prophetic ministries throughout Mexico and in Guatemala and Nicaragua as well. 
There was one constant reflection that we received from all the groups that have gone to the Center: the hospitality of the sisters was the cornerstone of their experience. We need to continue learning through reading and listening, yet our face to face interactions speak directly to our hearts. That is where real change occurs. The sisters have always been very clear about this in their work since they showed time and time again that although projects are important, our relationships with each other comes first.
After almost 38 years of receiving guests from North America at the Guadalupe Center, we mutually agreed that in this new time of history, the sisters will continue welcoming guests from Mexico, but will not be receiving groups from North America due to the present changing social realities. The groups from Mexico which stay at the Center are based on Scripture, Organic Farming, and ongoing Faith development. The sisters enjoy sharing their home as much as possible.
Today we have personal computers and walls have been built. Fear and prejudice can be very strong. It is only by our continued faithfulness to all that is deepest in our hearts and minds that we will continue to illuminate our world with faith, hope and love.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Photography Portfolio Update


Please note that the Photography Portfolio at our website has been refreshed with photos from more recent years. Through these photos we hope to share our sense of beauty and our shared celebration of nature and our environment. To view the portfolio click this link: Weston Priory Photography Portfolio

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Prayer Video

  • A video of a Christmas Prayer service. For the link, please click here.
  • Regarding our Mexican Benedictine Sisters, please note that for an indeterminate time there will be no travel to the Guadalupe Center, in Cuernavaca, Mexico. For a current update, please read the 2021 Sisters' Christmas Newsletter.