Monday, October 19, 2020

Colors of the Season

The colors of this season have been spectacular this year. Our reds came early and were very strong, and the golds are lasting well into October. There is a beauty that touches our heart very deeply, because with all the uncertainties of our world we can still experience God's good gifts in creation. 

    In that spirit, a new mantra song was born that we would like to share with you.

The weave of seasons reveals the love of God. (refrain)

                 1. Gently we are made aware of the importance of time,                        of change and history.

                  2. Gently we learn to trust this movement of time;                                       the dance of night and day.

                 3. Prayerfully we change in wonder of grace;                                                      alive in the movement of time.

    There are so many different "seasons" to reflect upon. The seasons of our own lives, the seasons contained in a day which may contain storms and sun, and the season of this pandemic. All the seasons have the capacity to reveal the love of God, and it is our prayer for each person that they discover the meaning and challenge that this particular time holds.

    We are all well and hold you in our prayer. It is that connection in faith that continues to keep us alive in this moment of time. 

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